MB6 : Murder By Six?

WHAT’S NEW April and May 2024

We are pleased to announce that The Book of Nemesis for our RPG Plots! (C) has been released!  World building for Fantasy Fuedal and find bad guys to hunt!

Friendship Festival May 18 2024

This is a fun festival that many people will enjoy.  Art, crafts, pets, a day of fun and amusement.

All of our hard copy products will be available for you to touch and interact with, as well as Solve!  A murder mystery game you can play right in the middle of the festival.  Come join us and have a blast!

What we’re about, other than having fun:

Murder By Six, Inc is a “game” company.  We host murder mystery parties or zombie hunts, as well as design board games, card games, and RPG’s.

During Festival Seasons, Murder By Six hosts several games on site, including Solve!  Solve! is our low-key mystery game where you read through testimony and evidence to figure out what has happened.  And you don’t have to be a super-sleuth in order to play.  Come back often to see where we are going to be!

We had a fantastic time at FLAG CON 2023!  We met some very interesting people and enjoyed our first viewing of Velod’s Caravan with two very amazing, fun players.

If you are interested in a private live event, please read through the live event pages, and email us at the address below.

There is more information on the Live Events pages to help answer basic questions.

We have board and card games available.  This is our Survival: series.  Some surrounding a character named Crackpot Jim and his amazing treasure trove of tin foil.  These are hard copy only.

Have you ever read a book and thought, “It would have been really cool if…?”  Our RPG has been released.  Plots! is the main game and Drops! are small vignettes that can be, well, dropped in anywhere.  Currently, we sell hard copy only in New York State.  The RPG Books are available for digital download under Katrin’s name at Smashwords (link below).

If you are a game store, in or outside of NYS, and would like to carry these games, please email us at the address below.  More information is available on our Retail page.

Please email us at: mystery@murderbysix.com.  We have removed our Contact Us page to better protect your privacy.

Teamed Up!

Do you love post-apocalyptic?Murder By Six has teamed up with hot author Katrin Greene for a whirlwind look into the horrors of what happens after the SHTF!  With a cheesecake overlay.  As she says:  Don’t just add spice to your romance.  Add in a Bang.  With a Bomb.Come visit the hilarious, desperate World of Novo (C) 2016, as raiders, poachers, terrorists, and more evil doers desecend upon the country village of Ridge Lake.

Find out more at www.greensgrove.net.
Katrin’s books are available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.