Survival: Heaps

Released!!!  Thanks for your patience~ we had some technical difficulties in getting Heaps released, but it is now available for sale.  For local sales to Auburn, NY, please email   It is also available during festivals, pop-ups, and through our online store.

Survival: Heaps is a fun new board game focused on surviving an outbreak.

This game is low cost and, for those gamers of you out there that remember those wonderful, fun white and black card stock games, this will be a refreshing new  “blast from the past.”

Survival: Heaps © 2017 is set in a junkyard where you are trying to find enough items to survive your first few days after an outbreak.  It’s the kick off in a line of post-apocalyptic games for survivalists, homesteaders, and zombie lovers everywhere.

Combine scraps of items to make your food, shelter, and water count as you move around the board and haul items back to your home base, maybe outrunning another player… Or a zombie or two.

Survival: Heaps can be played several different ways.  There is a base game and three expansion packs. The game is for two plus players, for all versions.

Versions of the game include:

  • Base: where everyone is out for themselves
  • Team Play: where teams help their members out.  Yes, you can have twelve people playing and running loose on the board!  Teams can pass items to each other and Cooperative play is encouraged by planning out what is available at Home Base.
  • Zombie: where you are out for yourself and there is a menace running loose in the junkyard
  • Theft: Where everyone is out for themselves and you invade someone else’s HOME BASE to make off with their goods…
  • Cooperative play:  Where one person plays the Zombies and everyone is out to get them!  This can be played as Individual or Team, with or without Theft.

Each expansion pack includes new cards: weapons, items, or useful objects.

If you would like more information about our other games, please visit our New Game Releases page.