Hosted Live Events

I’m interested!  What do I do next?

There are always questions about Live Events and how to go about booking.

Here is a step-by-step guide, to help you.  These are the basics of questions that will be asked. 

More specific details will be emailed.  While it may be frustrating, at first, we “discuss” through email only, because those details turn into a contract.  We have found that conference calls or video chats lead to missed details.  We would feel horrible if someone had a food allergy or a player with crutches requires access to the game and it wasn’t tended to accordingly.  You might remember a need after talking and forget to call back.  Email will show all the details needed and it acts as a check list for everyone involved.

Each type of game has it’s own unique mix of this process.  It’s also dependent on your players.  These are interactive games, not a show where people sit back and watch, like a movie.  There needs to be time and space for players to feel happy and comfortable.

We will walk you through the process of booking, as we are flexible with many aspects of game play, and will give you alternatives.  What is below are things you should think about:


Leave yourself at least 3 weeks for a pre-made game.  Leave at least 3-4 months for a game you wish written for a specific event.

Please have alternate date selections available.

Children’s Parties?:

This is a game company focused mainly on murder or other adult themes.  We do not host children’s parties, even scavenger hunts.  The cost is incredibly high for your child’s special day and we strongly suggest old-fashioned obstacle courses, frisbee golf, or snowball fights.  You will get more bang for your buck and your child will be much happier.

The mess:

Most live events are messy.  You may not think it, but murder and zombie games have paper money, some props, notes, clues, or sometimes food.  Feather boas tend to melt.  Face paint or glued-on body parts can fall behind.   We can run games anywhere and assist in the clean up, but you may wish to think about hosting outside or in a park pavilion, instead of a room that has white carpeting.  Outside, though, can blow props away, too.  We will help you decide, based on date, weather, type of game, and pricing.

Food and pricing?

We have several pricing options available.  Tickets are adjusted for the following:

  1. Is food going to be available at your event?
  2. If yes, is it buffet, sit-down, or snacky? Live events do best with buffet or snacky.
  3. Who is providing the catering?
  4. Is Murder By Six coordinating the catering?
  5. Are you fund-raising or is the event private?
  6. Who is collecting the money?  (This affects sales tax.)
  7. Pricing is normally given by headcount.  IE:  Fifteen dollars a head, plus sales tax.

Do any of your players have special meal requirements, such as allergies, vegetarian or gluten-free, or drink preferences?  Can the caterer you picked supply those things or should Murder By Six coordinate?  Is the event pot-luck?  Is the event open to the public?

Space Requirements:

Space requirements will depend entirely on which type of live event you wish to host.

An eight person, sit-down, scripted game will require a single room, preferably a large dining room, with seating and a side table for food.

A twenty five person murder show without food can be done in a large conference room or living room.  With food, it will require at least a fifteen by twenty five foot space, depending on occupancy laws and fire safety.

Zombie and scavenger hunts require at least a thirty by thirty foot space, without food.


Most games are run over the course of four to five hours.  Please do not ask to short cut this time frame.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Four to five hours is important for your players to feel comfortable, get used to asking questions and hunting for information.  No one will know how to play or what is going on at first, and that adjustment period is needed for happy players.

There are many puzzles or clues to suss out.  Pieces to put together.  Clues to read or write down.  If your players are shy or quiet, they need space to get into the game, so everyone can have fun.


Payment deposits are required at least 4 days before the event, and paid in full before the event begins.  We accept cash, checks, paypal, and all four major credit cards.  Sales tax is applicable to all live events that are not fund-raisers.  This will be specified in email, once the set up is completed.

Fund-raising event final payments may be determined at the event itself, instead of beforehand.  It depends solely on the type of show you are booking.  Zombie hunts and walk-thru solve-a-murders have a minimum headcount, but do not require a finite number of players.

Head full?

We hope these questions have helped you.  It is a lot to read and take in.  Please, take your time.  There is a lot of set up involved in live events and numerous details to coordinate.  We want happy customers, who can relax and have fun during their event.

The other Live Event pages can help you with further details, such as “what is an unscripted game?” and headcount requirements.

Please email us at to begin booking your event.

Have an awesome day!