Live Events~ General Questions

Live Events~ General Questions

“What kind of Live Events does Murder By Six host?”

~ In addition to murder mysteries of several types, Murder By Six also hosts corporate events, scavenger hunts, meet-and-greets, and zombie hunts.  Please be aware that there is a minimum head count requirement of at least 25 for any private booking.

“How do we get information about party themes?”

~ While Murder By Six books mainly private parties, some open events are also held throughout the year.  These will always be posted in advance on our website.  Booking information can be found on the page called Booking an Event.  If you request a hand-written, personalized theme, it takes at least three months of working directly with our author.

“Do we need to dress up in character?”

~ You can if you want to.  Choice of characters is given on a first come, first serve basis.  Dressing up can add a lot to the game itself.  Themes of Live Events are posted on the website or in email.

“How age appropriate are the games?”

~ Please keep in mind that these are mainly MURDER events.  While there is very little graphic showing of the murder itself, and most of the story lines are very tongue-in-cheek, evidence will be presented at some point during a show.  Theft, bribery, adultery, blackmail, and other possible acts of “violence” are strongly encouraged or suggested in “crime reports.”  There may also be elements of gender bending or cross-dressing.  Parents need to decide how comfortable they are with adult themes for their children.  We encourage participants to be at least 18 years of age.

“Does Murder By Six host events for children’s birthday parties?”

~ No, we do not.  We encourage parents to contact Fingerlakes Mall or other venues for hosting a children’s party.