Plots! © modules have a character point rating for each.  As you raise your character’s “level,”  you can choose an appropriate hardness level or, inside each game book, there are rules on increasing the difficulty, so you can still play a “lower rated” module.

Drops! © modules are stand alone cut sheets, easily used in the Plots! © game system or as a “drop-in” for another game system.  Drops! © modules include characters, descriptions of the area, occasionally a map, and details of the building or scenario.

Each Plots! © module (and some of the Drops! ©) has a set of instructions in the beginning of the play book to guide you through not having a GM, or, if you are a GM, what your players should be doing to set up for the game.  It will tell you what supplemental sheets are needed, any special rules that should supersede the main rule book, character point rating, and what to give brand new characters just joining in the fun.  At the end of most Plots! © module books, there will be a section for GM’s or what to do when a gm-less game player gets “lost” or “goes off the map.”

MB6 Plots! © module releases will include (In “Fantasy Feudal” genre):

Velod’s Caravan ©:  Travel between Hitchcull © and Sershack © in a working trade caravan.  Learn how to forage or new skills, weather constraints, learn how to make items on the road, and make a mass-load of money trading.  Several hunting and combat scenarios.  This is an awesome module for any game system, as it covers a lot of what can happen on the road- lack of water, broken axles, fire, flooding, ice and heavy snow, and skunks.  This is a completely random adventure that can be used repeatedly.  There are several stops along the way, and five overnights.  Game time can be from 5-10 days, depending on weather.  This is the first module to be released.

Kahl Ess Prison Farm © :  This Drops! © module is a quick cut sheet of a magically enhanced prison.  Includes several characters, herbs, herbal recipes, maps and a massive chance to die.

The Book of Nemesis © :  This Drops! © module contains World Building and 15 Bad Guys to hunt.  Who will hunt you back.

For the Love of Goats… Maybe? ©:  Something strange is happening in the major port city of Hitchcull ©.  You go to find a good poker game and you wind up in a massive plot of disaster.  Includes combat, a permanent carnival, several shopping areas, trading, gathering rumors, investigation, and, of course, GAMBLING!   This is a time-tracked adventure that is not beat-the-clock.  Has multiple outcomes.  Game time can be anywhere from 3 days to 3 months.  Supportive backdrop includes owning property and having a job.  This module can easily be converted into use for future modules, even if the main story line is not used.

Churry Street © : Check into some weird, blue smoke coming from the rooftops of Sershack © – a mountainous mining and forestry town.  Includes combat, hunting, chemistry, investigation and a mysterious stranger.  This is a time-tracked adventure that is not beat-the-clock.  Has multiple outcomes.  Game time can be anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks.

Ando’s Market © : Though this is technically a giant Drops! © book, Ando’s Market © can be placed anywhere, in any game system.  In the Plots! © world, it is centered in Sershack ©, but it can be placed in any other main township.  Just change some of the names!  A massive 26 store shopping center, you can trade, learn new skills, own your own shop, get a job, or use it as a base of operations.

Darl’s Reptile Farm © :  This Drops! © module is a quick cut sheet of a reptile farm.  You can visit to see that “road-side show,” purchase unusual pack animals, get your animals healed, have special tack made or… dispose of unwanted meat.  Includes several characters, animal care “instructions,” learn how to work leather, and maps.

Future genres will include Victorian/Steam and Gear, Space, and “modern day detective.”  More modules will also be released for Sershack ©, Hitchcull ©, and the characters in Velod’s Caravan © .