MB6 Solve!

In 2018, Murder By Six started to hit festivals of different kinds. We decided to add this page to let you know what we’re about, since the “point” of our business is changing and getting back to where we started out.

“The point” is to have fun. Murder By Six got started because people had a hard time getting get-togethers, well, together. What we’ve found over the last decade is that is just plain getting to be impossible. Especially for smaller groups. Once high school is done, keeping in touch on that day-to-day or week-to-week becomes a challenge that most just aren’t up for.

We’ve talked with hundreds of people who are interested in Murder Mystery shows but can’t seem to pull one off. The truth is, most people just want to watch. Like TV. To that end, Murder By Six has come up with a new game style, Solve!, which will be run at festivals. Ticket prices will be around $5, including tax.

So what is it?

These games involve reading through witness statements and looking at a little evidence. Not so much evidence that it gets overwhelming. But a few key pieces. Players will be given a sheet to take notes. It’s individual and not dependent on anyone else. While that takes away from one point of our business, we want you to have fun!

Since the game isn’t dependent on asking anyone questions, like our other live action games, you can take your time. Read and review at your own pace. You can play on your own or with a partner.

This is VERY low key and made that way on purpose. Each game will have 2 to 3 “rounds” of witness statements. You can READ the statements in any order. We do recommend that each round is read “together” before going to the next round. Otherwise, references made in the second or third round might not make as much sense.

What’s even better is that you are completely allowed and encouraged to GO BACK and re-read a witness statement as many times as you want. You don’t have to memories every sentence.

Except for the end of the day, there’s no time limit, either. We try to end ticket sales about an hour before the end of the festival, so that players may have enough time.