Survival: Chili

Released!!!  For local sales to Auburn, NY, please email   It is also available during festivals, pop-ups, and through our online store.

Survival: Chili © 2018 is a wacky card game focused on cooking after the Apocalypse without giving yourself botulism!

This game is low cost and, for those gamers of you out there that remember those wonderful, fun white and black card stock games, this will be a refreshing new  “blast from the past.”

Survival: Chili © 2018 is set in Crackpot Jim’s gas station. There is tin foil… everywhere.

Combine ingredients to make meals and cook them over candles, wood, or, hopefully, electric fry pan if the windmill is currently working. Only, if your food isn’t fully cooked, you might be springing up to deal with the consequences.

Survival: Chili © 2018 is for 2 plus players. We do recommend that if you have over 6 players, that you add in another deck. It may be played competitively or cooperatively.

All of the food cards in Survival: Chili © 2018 may be used as a massive expansion pack for Survival: Heaps © 2017.

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