Hello! We had a fun, event filled day at Flag Con 2023. The first viewing of Murder by Six Plots! went off very well, with the module run of Velod’s Caravan.

If you did not have a chance to sit with the group, we so do apologize. There was some confusion at the events table and some players were told that all tickets were sold out, for all the games at the hotel.

To make up for this, OR if you didn’t have a chance, Murder By Six is attempting to put together another viewing of Velod’s Caravan in the Auburn NY or Cortland NY area(s) by mid-December. We should have more information on this around Thanksgiving time.

For those we did speak with, the rpg can be found digitally at smashwords.com. The Plots!(c) Game system can be found here.

Upcoming releases in the 2024 Calendar Year will include: Darl’s Reptile Farm, For the Love of Goats, Maybe?, and Ota’s Retreat. More information will become available on the RPG modules page, after January 1, 2024.