If you are a hobby, game, or retail store that would like to carry hard copy of our games, we’d be delighted!

Units must be purchased in bundles of ten of one item.

Please email us at to place an order.

You will need to submit a NYS sales tax exempt for, ST-120, to cover NYS, EVEN IF YOU ARE OUT OF STATE, as well as your own local sales tax exempt resale certificate.  That way, we are both covered with the Wayfair Sales Tax Law changes.  NYS is not a pass through state.

The NYS form is called the ST-120 and is found on this page.  The ST-120 is the top form in the chart and will download a digital pdf copy to your computer.  Where it asks for your tax number, put in your Federal ID number or SSN, depending on how you file your local taxes, and indicate on the form, somewhere, where that jurisdiction is.  IE: City of Chicago, IL or Orange County, CA.

You will need to submit your own local resale certificate, that you would normally file, where you are located.

Once both tax forms are in place, we can set up your bundle.  You will be responsible for shipping and it will be calculated that at the rate you want to receive product.  An invoice will then be generated and you will receive a paypal invoice for payment.  While this is a little time consuming, in our day of instant purchase, once it is set up, the re-purchase process is a LOT faster.

Tracking numbers will be made available with every purchase.