At Home Games

Are Games an Important Part of YOUR Life?

Here at Murder By Six, they are!   Our games are designed to be multi-faceted and lower on cost.

Our test groups include several types of players- the casual to the cut-throat.  Some people prefer head-on heats while others prefer the fun of the game more than winning.

And low cost, too.  While we encourage any game – board, card, video, RPG, murder mystery event, or zombie hunt (and our designers do own some of the $50 to $75 board games) – our goal is to bring fun games in multiple formats to players while keeping space and budgets in mind.  Most of the games produced by Murder By Six are intentionally kept to under $20 US- just in case someone knocks over that very large bottle of soda from laughing too hard!  Or has that loaded-down potato chip go flying.

We give you what you need to play the game, assuming you have money, tokens, dice, paper, and writing instruments from other sources that can drastically raise the cost to have a good time.

Some of our play testers have also raised concerns over space in their homes.  Apartments, small houses, and tiny homes don’t always have enough storage for those people who do collect games.  One of our testers has well over a hundred board and card games, but you’d never know it.  She’s chucked all the boxes and has sorted all the pieces into plastic baggies and beading/tackle boxes!  We’ve kept this in mind with our packaging- both for storage and keeping cost low.

Designed with people who have some reading issues in mind, most of our games are designed in black and white, focusing more on play than splashy graphics.  While it is cool to get that awesome RPG book with all the fancy scroll work on each page, we want products that are easy to handle, easier on the eyes for those who might have dyslexia, and get you involved!

For parents who want to focus a little more on math and critical thinking, our board and card games are partially designed with that in mind.

Survival:Heaps can literally be played 18 different ways, just between mixing and matching the main game with the expansion packs.  There are choices to be made between how you want to set up your move.  Not hard, but you may decide to not spend 1 clean water to roll the die, and instead move 1 space and get more effect for your efforts.

Survival: Chili also has strategic thinking that’s based more on how long the game has been.  It might be beneficial to cook more ingredients in a meal, instead of more meals, because the game is coming to an end.  Or, you may want to mix and match, hold back your cards, and cook only one electric meal at a time, just in case that blown fuse card comes and knocks out the power.  Or only prep two meals, instead of everything you could do from your hand, and go collect firewood instead.

Check out our our current products as well as the massive releases scheduled for 2019!