Brewerton Fire Dept 06.01.24

Brewerton Fire Dept 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Katrin Greene and Murder by Six will be a vendor/booth at this fun event in Brewerton, NY.  We hope to see you!

9625 Brewerton Rd, Brewerton, NY 13029

All our our hard copy products will be there PLUS a live Solve! Game…

Paypal will be accepted for payments onsite.  If your CC is hooked up to Paypal, we will accept as payment.  Raffles with be cash only.  Sales Tax is included in all prices listed below.

Solve!  $5  Sam’s Shoes.  Solve the murder of Lew I. Legalle.  Play is not timed.  You can come on your own or with a group of friends.

Survival: Heaps $15   Our wacky board game that kicks off the Survival series.  A search-and-hunt strategy game to find food, shelter and water. Can be played cooperatively or competitively.  2+ players.

Survival: Chili $15  Our card game, the second in the Survival series.  You have come to Crackpot Jim’s garage after the world has caved in on itself.  You are hungry.  There is tin foil.  Make the best chili you can with no electricity.  And without botulism.  Can be played cooperataively or competitively. +2 players

Plots! (C) and Drops! (C) Role Playing Game:

Main Rule Book: $10

Velod’s Caravan: $10

Kahl Ess Prison Farm: $8

Plots and Drops is a unique RPG that can be played repeatedly, with multiple formats:  by self and no gm, players with no gm, players with a gm.  Old School paper and pencil.

Canvas Tote Bags: $16

Meet Moe


Hard Copy Paperbacks: $15 unless listed

Cozy Comforts, Volume 1: Spa Nights $5.

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, romance novel, singleton

Lamp Light, Haven Point series, Book 1

Post-Apocalyptic, Paranormal Romance series: A World of Novo: Ridge Lake:




Raffles  $1 per ticket.  Cash only.  2 gift baskets.  Winners will be drawn at 3:00 PM.