RPG coming soon!

Our “rules light” RPG rule book and first module will be out this summer.

Murder By Six Plots! ™ and Drops! ™ is a fast, fun, light RPG, designed for single use without a Game Master or up to 5 players and a GM.  Come back to old-school paper and pencil gaming, on your own terms.

The entire rule book is less than 60 pages long, including spell lists, combat, design-your-own-world, and mapping.

Module One: Velod’s Caravan (c) ™ is a fast, re-playable game, with several outcomes.  Great for GM’s of all different games, if they are looking for that supplemental.  Perfect for Plots! ™ players that want to travel and get to use those funky items on the road.

Compact and light, these books are easy to toss in a backpack or purse, and carry.  All you need?  Pencil, a couple of d6, and graph paper.

Fresh Addition to Katrin Greene’s Novo:Ridge Lake Series

Coming soon !

Katrin Greene‘s A World of Novo:Ridge Lake series

has a new installment about to be released!

The Fifth Book in the Ridge Lake Series, Willow, Coming in Early Spring 2020

Post-apocalyptic Ridge Lake is still under duress with terrorists, raiders, poachers.  Meet Willow, Ivy, and Mattie, as they come running for their lives to War Zone pocked Ridge Lake.

Other Titles By Katrin GreeneBETH, ROWAN, ASH, ALDER, LAMP LIGHT (Haven Point Series, Book 1)