RPG coming soon!

Our “rules light” RPG rule book and first module will be out this summer.

Murder By Six Plots! ™ and Drops! ™ is a fast, fun, light RPG, designed for single use without a Game Master or up to 5 players and a GM.  Come back to old-school paper and pencil gaming, on your own terms.

The entire rule book is less than 60 pages long, including spell lists, combat, design-your-own-world, and mapping.

Module One: Velod’s Caravan (c) ™ is a fast, re-playable game, with several outcomes.  Great for GM’s of all different games, if they are looking for that supplemental.  Perfect for Plots! ™ players that want to travel and get to use those funky items on the road.

Compact and light, these books are easy to toss in a backpack or purse, and carry.  All you need?  Pencil, a couple of d6, and graph paper.